It is late…and I'm in a game show kind of mood, so this is a two-for-one special!  Two different seniors…two different days…two different looks.  For the first one, we were lucky to shoot at a friend of the family's home…what a treat for me!  We walked a bit down a wooded path and came across this patch of purple flowers (well…maybe they are technically weeds?  I don't know…but they photograph well!)  This was totally the look that we were looking for…and I love it.  The dress…the laughter…the colors…just right.

And for this one…this was actually shot in my studio, but it has taken on a different studio look for me.  Every now and then, the lighting outside is perfect enough to be able to throw open windows and doors and have the inside light hit my subject just right.  And add this sweater to the pile of clothes that various seniors have come in wearing and I now want to have hanging in my closet.  IMG_8563

One a share…two a share…


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