This is a test to see if my sister is a blog-watcher.  Why?  Because my sister has had a lifelong passion and love for horses.  For as long as I can remember, she has had a horse, wanted to buy a horse, borrowed somebody else's horse, or agreed to care for other horses.  I have to admit, there is something about that animal…so powerful, strong and intimidating.  Yet, they can be so serene and soul-healing…even as a bystander (who has had some not-so-pleasant experiences on a horse), I can see how they almost speak.  And so, if my sister were a blog-watcher, I'd hear from her about these images.  Maybe she would like them.  Maybe she wouldn't.  Maybe she'd critique them…I don't know.  After all, there is something intimidating for me, photographing an animal for which so many people are passionate…I'm always worried that I won't capture it the right way, the right angle, or with the right ear position!  But these three images, in particular, I love.  And I hope everyone thinks Rocky looks good in them!



This is a test…



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