Early July is always so much fun.  We had a great time on the 4th!  After enjoying a week with their cousin visiting from Pittsburgh, the girls all did the wild and goofy 4th of July Follies at our pool.  There were mud pies, parachutes, licorice/marshmallow eating contests, musical beach towels, and even the ‘family olympics’, in which I got to participate!  Now we have the arts festival to look forward to…and I know it will be a blast…


On a side note, I ran in my first sprint triathlon this weekend.  It was a blast!  And I’d say that if you have ever considered doing one…just do it!  You will get a great sense of accomplishment, not to mention the bragging rights to saying “I’m a triathlete”.  Of course, I feel like I should get another one or two under my belt to be able to *really* say that!

Summer is rollin’ along…



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