I’m not going to go on and on about how long it has been since my last blog entry.  I’m just not.  This on-again, off-again relationship with my blog – – It is apparently my style. 

I’ve always been one who, when things get crazy and hectic, becomes more efficient and effective with everything in my life.  When I was in college, I had a 4.0 during the semesters that were filled with the most difficult classes and the most credits.  But the semesters that I should have breezed through…they were just mediocre.  And so…late spring, summer and fall are extremely busy for me…but I’m generally efficient (my assistant can attest to that…right?  Hmmm…maybe not!).  However, when all the balls that I juggle are up in the air, the blog ball gets dropped and neglected.  I joked with a friend about having adult ADD (not funny, I know…) and sometimes I just need to chain myself to the desk and get it done!  So…here I am, chains and all.

I have had many fantastic shoots lately, and I’ve been debating all morning about which images to share.  The ones that pull at my heartstrings?  The outtakes that make me laugh hard and deep into my belly?  The ones with spunky toddlers?  The newborns so fresh and pure?  If I were actually really, really dedicated to my blog, I could do a different topic every few days…but I haven’t  been so dedicated lately.  So…I am going to be posting a mish-mash of sorts…of ones that I like for a whole variety of reasons.  I could write a paragraph on each image…describing why I like it, describing the surrounding details…the family, the dynamics, etc. – – but in an effort to prevent readers from needing an hour to go through this post, I won’t.  But I think you’ll be able to figure it all out…  And I can assure you, the ones that make you think “oh my…” – – there are much better ones in the bunch.  But as much as I love the endearing images, I also love the ones that are hilariously funny…








Nope, not gonna do it…



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