Yes, one week ago my eldest proclaimed that this was going to be the most boring spring break ever.  For some reason, in this lil’ ole’ town of State College, MANY families are lucky enough to go to a fun, tropical destination for spring break.  But like in years past, we headed to beautiful Pittsburgh, PA! can sense her anti-excitment.

But I’m happy to say that we had a GREAT time!  We went to the Children’s Museum and the Carnegie Science Center, and best of all, the girls got to play with some of their cousins.  I put together a little slideshow if you happened to be bored (and not on a Mac – – it won’t play!). 

On the business front, I have a lot of big changes in store…stay tuned!

The cutest 3 year old evah!  The quintessential momma’s boy…Mr. Jack!

The most boring spring break ever…



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