So, we are all back into our routine.  And it feels good!

A couple of things…

#1:  I will be having my children draw the names for the gift certificates for all those who donated to my Team In Training fundraising effort.  So…in the next couple of days, keep an eye out for a post regarding the winners!  Regarding my training – – I’m finally back on track after a foot injury, a chest cold and a trip overseas.  I ran 10 miles today with relative ease (though my left knee and foot might say otherwise!), so I’m now feeling great and confident about the 1/2 marathon in January.

#2:  I’ve been asked if I will be doing the "Heidi’s Favorite Things" this December.  No, not this year.  However, it is my goal to post one client photo and one Italy photo each day in December.




Happy December!



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