Ok, it is the middle of the day…not the normal time for me to post.  But I just got back from an absolutely exhilarating 6 mile run and I could not wait until the day was over to share the experience.  Ever since I arrived in Rome, I’ve wanted to go running in the Borghese Gardens, especially since it is so close to my hotel.  But…I have been too tired, too stressed or too wrapped up in other things that I wanted to do.  So I didn’t make it until this morning.  But today…today was just perfect for running.  The weather is glorious – – crystal clear blue skies and brisk temperatures, and the setting throughout the gardens ranged from autumn scenes, with colorful leaves on the ground, to summer scenes, complete with fountains and brilliant purple flowers cascading over brick walls.  In a city and country where I cannot shake the feeling of being a tourist, running was the closest that I could get to feeling like a local.  And all the while, I couldn’t help but think about how I’d love to have a place like this at my disposal for photographing my clients…wow.

So here it is…if any of my clients want to take their family to Rome, I will come and photograph your family…for free!  How’s that for an offer!?!?!

Now off to the rest of my day…and the good thing is that after that run, I can treat myself to a wonderful Italian dinner this evening. 

Oh wait…there is the matter of those little pastries that I had for breakfast…

I’m Not Lost! – Part V (and a half)



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