Yes, shame on me for not posting more often.  I should be…after all, I’ve had some incredible sessions lately.  So much fun!  Of course, this is the time of year that I keep gasping for air as my head keeps slipping back down under the water’s surface.

I traveled to Pittsburgh for a few sessions and this one was held on the first ‘fall’ day we’ve really had in many, many weeks.  Two days after temps were in the mid-80’s, this day was cold and gray…and not at all appealing for photographs.  But the location for these two boys was perfect – – on top of a hill, where the light was bright and quite lovely.  And these boys…what fun they were!  And I must say, I think they had a lot of fun too. 



As you can see below, these boys inherited their good looks from their mama.  After being in front of the camera with my girls this summer for my good friend and photographer Noelle Roberts , I now realize how hard it is to give up control to the photographer during a session.  But this mom…she was fantastic.  She just sat back and let the session unfold.  And her boys were themselves…wild, crazy, funny, sweet, silly…and 100% boy.


Shame on me!



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