Yes, running around is just a way of life these days.  I run around with my kids and for my job, but I also run in a very literal way!  Two and a half years ago, I ventured out of my usual aerobics and elliptical machine exercise and started running.  First it was on a treadmill and I then became determined to run the Arts Festival 10k in July of 2005.  From that time until a couple of months ago, I ran because it was good exercise…because it was fast and easy, but not because I loved it.  Sometime over the course of this summer, I turned the corner…I began to look forward to running for the outlet, for the escape and for the endorphins.  So now…I call myself a runner, which is something that I could not do before because I did it because I had to…and I now love it.

Ever since I started running, I thought it would be great to run a 1/2 marathon through The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training, but the timing was never quite right to do the training or to raise the money.  But now…I’ve taken the plunge!  I’m officially in training for the PF Chang’s Phoenix Rock
‘N’ Roll 1/2 Marathon on January 13, 2008. 

So what this means for my business is that I am going to have several fundraisers which will benefit not only my fundraising goal and my running motivation, but it will also benefit those who participate.  There will be more information to come…but the first fundraiser that I am organizing is a day of super mini sessions in October.  The details are as follows:

  • Date:  Monday, October 22nd
  • Time: 9am-2pm
  • Session Length: 15 minutes
  • Where:  Penn State Alumni Center (rain location – studio)
  • Cost:  $200
  • What you get:  2 8×10’s, 4 5×7’s and 16 wallets

All proceeds will go towards the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society

If you are interested in participating in this fundraiser, please contact me asap to sign up for a spot! or 814-777-0473.

I will also be holding a drawing for a $500 gift certificate for all of those who make a donation on my Team in Training website, and additionally, I will be offering a special on bulk 4×6 prints for former 2007 clients…stay tuned for more details!




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