"Mommy, you love your job.  I don’t love mine."

"Going to school is your job, sweetie.  That is something that is so much fun and you *should* love it!"

"Yeah, well…I don’t.  I wish I loved my job like you love yours."

My 8 year old sometimes has a streak of negativity in her personality.  I’m sure I will look back on it someday and laugh about it, but I am glad that she knows how much I love my job.  My children know that it is important to love your job, and they will hopefully accept nothing other than that for their life’s work.

When I gush about how much I love my job – – to friends, to my kids, and even to strangers,  I often feel like they walk away rolling their eyes thinking that my obvious passion for photography is somewhat annoying.  Maybe it is, but I continually find myself just giddy over the fact that I am able to support my family with something that is so fulfilling.  Sharing in the lives of my clients is incredibly gratifying, and it quite simply puts a smile on my face.




A conversation with an 8 year old…


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