When I photograph newborns, I often will capture them in the middle of a yawn.  But often, it looks as if they are screaming and the image just doesn’t work.  This shot of a recent newborn, however, is clearly a yawn.  You can just feel it! 

And any newborn shoot would not be complete without a few shots of big sister!  I just adore this image…

Big yawn!


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  1. I love the yawning! Does it work so well because his hands are unclenched and thus he doesn’t look in the least bit like he could be screaming? Or maybe it’s that his eyes are closed but not scrunched up? I think this shot is beautiful.

  2. OH those are both so GREAT!!

  3. Pam Nafziger says:

    I love the texture of the rug against the soft sleepy yawning baby…a delicious shot that deserves to be big in mom & dad’s room (maybe they’ll see it at 3 am & feel less distressed, lol!) And the shot of big sister on the bed with dad is just beyond priceless! You nailed this session…great work!

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