After much deliberation, I have decided to start selling digital
negative files to clients.  I have come to this decision for several
reasons – – my clients are generally pretty computer savvy, they want
to archive their session images, and they want the ability to print
small prints at their convenience.  This is an issue that plagues *all*
professional photographers, and it is not something that I have taken lightly.  When
I deliver finished portraits to my clients, I have complete control in
the way that the finished prints look because my camera and monitor are
calibrated with my lab so there are no surprises in color, contrast and
brightness.  When I hand off high resolution files, I run the risk of
clients printing images that are not the absolute best in quality,
which is what I want all of my clients to have.  That said, I also
believe that I must move forward with the times and this is something
that the custom portrait market is leaning towards.

In order to satisfy my need to present clients with the best quality
portraits, while also giving them the option of purchasing digital
negative files, there is a minimum purchase requirement.  Clients have
the opportunity to purchase a set of files (in sets of 15, 20 or 25)
once a session album has been purchased and a minimum purchase of $500
has been placed.  If a session album is not desired, files may be
purchased once a minimum order of $750 has been placed.

Former clients may benefit from this new offering as well and until the end of January, I am offering a 10% discount on any digital file package purchased from past sessions.  If you are interested in purchasing files from your session, please contact me at for further pricing information.

The time has come…


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