Jen Barber sent in the correct answers literally seconds before Lisa Giacobe (whose husband, Nick, answered yesterday’s tough stat question correctly!).  Congrats Jen!  Here are the correct answers:

1)  While we celebrate Christmas on December 25th, it is well known that this is
not Jesus’ actual birthday.  In what year did December 25th first appear on the
Roman calendar as Jesus’ birthday?

This is one that varies depending on the source, but it is around the year 336.
2)  Many people write Xmas as a shortened
version of Christmas, and it offends many because it seemingly takes "Christ"
out of Christmas.  But what does the X really mean?

In Greek, Xtos means Christ and the letter X was often used as a holy symbol and an abbreviation of Christ.
3) The classic poem "Twas
the Night Before Christmas" was originally known by what name?

"A Vist From St. Nicholas"

4) Boxing Day,
which is celebrated in many countries on December 26th, is a holy day for which

St. Stephen

Trivia #11 Answers


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