Favorite Thing #9
When I was growing up, I was known to always be the kid in bare feet.  I never wore shoes in the summer and one of the Sonick family legends is that I always ran across our stony driveway in my bare feet (and don’t believe the story about my eating an inchworm!).  And for the most part, I am still often barefoot in the summer, even when I’m *not* pregnant.  But in the winter, my feet need to be warm!  My favorite socks are these ultra soft, cushy and almost spongelike socks from JJill.  They are truly a little bit of heaven!  So the favorite thing for today is three pairs of these great cozy yarn socks, in cream, cloud and latte.

Trivia Question #9
Ok, I’ve been feeling pretty bad about the fact that for the most part, if you weren’t sitting on your computer at the exact time that my emails were sent out, you were instantly out of the running for the day’s prize.  So today is going to be a little different. 

Take a guess…how many photographs have I taken (for clients) in 2006.  This was a challenge for me to figure out, and I can’t guarantee my number is 100% accurate, but it should be close.  So send in your guesses by 9pm tonight.  Whoever is closest to the actual number will win!  Some things to take into consideration – – I shoot digitally, I am a chronic overshooter, and I had approximately 175 portrait clients this year

On the ninth day of Christmas…


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