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Favorite Thing #8
I tend to complain about the shopping scene in State College quite a bit.  On first glance, it does not appear that we have much selection, but when I sit back and take a look at what we *do* have, it really isn’t all that bad.  We have the mall, Target and a good selection of free standing national chains, but my favorite place to shop is downtown.  I love the atmosphere and while there are a couple of well known national stores, the bulk of the downtown shopping district consists of fun stores that are unique to State College.  My favorite place to shop is Appalachian Outdoors.  They have a great selection of high end outdoor clothing and equipment and I can always find something to make me giddy with excitement.  They carry a lot of popular brand names, but you can always find something very unique and fun – – something that nobody else will have.  And that is today’s favorite thing – – this really cute and funky handknit hat.  I love this hat so much – – I truly hope nobody gets today’s question, so I can just keep it for myself!  But if you do win, and you don’t care much for the hat, you can always return it and get something to suit your own taste.  But really,  you should keep the hat…it is truly awesome.  And honestly, the picture just not do it justice…


Trivia Question #8

Ok, I need to step it up a notch here because the past couple of questions have been REALLY easy.  So today’s trivia question is a bit of a mind bender.  Below are 4 anagrams and because I’ve always loved geography, they are anagrams of states.  That could be easy enough, but each anagram has two additional letters and when those letters are removed and combined, you will have an anagram for a fifth state.  List all 5 states for me!  Have fun!


On the eighth day of Christmas…


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