Favorite Thing #7

I have short hair, which until about a year and a half ago, was something that I never thought I’d have.  My hair stylist is truly a visionary and when she said that I’d look better in short hair, I didn’t believe her.  But I put my trust in her and I am now proud of my hair and no longer hiding behind those long tresses of old.  And I couldn’t be happier!  But this short hair requires that I wear earrings…ALL THE TIME.  It just adds a little somethin’, somethin’…even when I’m wearing sweats.  95% of the time, I wear these ‘huggie’ earrings from Silpada.  They go with everything, are subtle enough for the most casual of outfits and most importantly, the don’t poke my head when I’m on the phone (which is WAY too often these days).  So today’s favorite thing is a new pair of these great earrings.


Trivia Question #7:

I’m giving away jewelry, so I’m asking about jewelry!

1)  What is my birthstone (Hint: My birthday is during the shortest month of the year)

2)  In what year was the Hope Diamond brought from India to King Louis XIV?

3)  What color(s) are diamonds?

4) How long of a wire can an ounce of gold be drawn into?

On the 7th day of Christmas…


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