Favorite Thing #6:
For whatever reason, my kids don’t seem to play with much.  They have a lot of ‘things’ as most kids do these days, but they certainly aren’t spoiled by today’s standards.  However, the things that they do have – – most of it goes unplayed with.  There are a few things here and there that they play with on a consistent basis, but for the most part, I look at so much of this junk and feel like it is such a waste!  One thing that is not a waste, and something that we enjoy doing together, is playing games.  It is tough to find games that my youngest can participate in as well as the older two, but she is often just as happy being on mommy’s team.  My favorite games to play with the girls, and today’s favorite ‘things’, are Sorry (the vintage edition!), UNO and Mancala.

Trivia Question #6 (actually this one is a challenge!):
Growing up, we always had a…how shall I say it…*interesting* Christmas tree.  We always got a live tree, so besides the fact that it was always a peculiar shape with branches jutting out every which way, the root ball was always so large that the branches didn’t even start until 4 feet from the floor.  And my siblings and I were always in charge of the non-light decorating, so we went to town with the ornaments, fake snow and tinsel.  I, for one, always got pretty impatient with the tinsel (you remember, the tiny strands of silver that were a MESS), so I ended up just throwing bunches on in clumps.  So by the time the tree was done, it looked…well…interesting.  And that is how my tree looks this year.  Aside from the fact that it looks like a Charlie Brown tree with it’s crooked trunk, sparse branches and small size, my kids completely took over the decorating and the ornaments are very notably in bunches all around the tree.  Our cat (who is still just a kitten) has been attacking the tree and knocking down ornaments left and right, so we have a big basket full of ornaments that need to be repaired, thrown away or rehung.  But, even as disheveled as it may appear, it is a cute tree…because it is my kids’ tree.  They did it, and they are proud of it.  And I can’t argue with that.

So the challenge for today – – send me a photograph of your tree.  Whoever has the most ‘uniquely beautiful’ tree will win today’s ‘favorite thing’.  And remember, it doesn’t necessarily have to look like it came from the pages of Pottery Barn.  Maybe, just maybe, the more pathetic, the better.  Please send all photographs by 10pm tonight.

On the sixth day of Christmas…


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