Favorite Thing #5
There is nothing better than meeting friends for a quick coffee during the week.  Sometimes it is hard to fit it in, but we always make an effort, whether it is for 20 minutes or for an hour.  My favorite place to meet is a restaurant that I frequented as a college student and has now grown into a very successful eatery on College  Ave – – Irving’s.  It is popular with Penn State students, so we sometimes have to dodge backpacks and laptops, but it is so, so worth it.  They have great bagels, sandwiches, coffee, sweets…and the atmosphere is a lot of fun (albeit chaotic at times) and I sometimes find myself feeling like a student again.  So my favorite thing for the fifth day of Christmas is a Sweet Treats gift basket from Irving’s – – delivered to your home!

Trivia Question #5
Ok, the plan is to bake some Christmas cookies with my kids today.  With a sleepover last night, a birthday party this afternoon, and my house in a constant whirlwind of JUNK, I’m not sure if we’ll get to them.  But, it is still the plan.  So the trivia question(s) for today deal with baking.
1)  What purpose does baking soda/baking powder serve?
2)  How many tablespoons are in a cup?
3)  What is the purpose of chilling dough, whether for pies or cookies?
4)  If you are desperate for a batch of brownies, and grandma’s famous recipe calls for semi-sweet chocolate, none of which is in your pantry, what can you substitute? 

On the fifth day of Christmas…


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