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Favorite Thing #3:
Who doesn’t love a little pampering for their feet?  I should do it more often, but I just *LOVE* getting a good pedicure.  And one of the best places to go is Cherry Lane Salon, in State College.  It is a beautiful salon and the women who work there are so much fun!  So the favorite thing giveaway for today is a pedicure from Cherry Lane.

Trivia Question #3:
This is for all of you brainiacs out there – – I am one (a geek engineer, you know), so I can say that and not feel bad about it!  My middle daughter’s birthday is unique in that when it is written in the mm/dd/yy format, it is all binary digits.  And I got to thinking about it the other day, and I realized that there are only a handful of these dates in the past 100 years!  So here is the task:  email me with all of the all binary dates in the past 100 years, AND give me the decimal equivalents. 

Have fun!  LOL!  And I promise, they won’t all be this hard – – yesterday was almost too easy!

On the third day of Christmas…


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