I am so excited to have worked with the publisher of an amazing musician, Sufjan Stevens, in order to have a few of his Christmas songs on my website.  I’m so happy to share his unique spin on three very traditional Christmas songs.  Having Christmas music with my ordinary, every day site just didn’t seem to work, so I changed the colors a bit to reflect the season.  It is most definitely not a color that I can live with for very long, but for now the red just brightens my mood.

Several weeks ago I mentioned some excitement that I had in store for December, and those days are fast approaching. So here’s the scoop – – I am going to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with ‘Heidi’s Favorite Things’.  Beginning Wednesday, December 13th, I am going to be giving away one of my favorite things every day (ala Oprah).  The catch – – there will be a trivia question or task associated with each day, and whoever answers the question or completes the task first will win the prize!  During the first 11 days, I will be giving away things like gift cards, jewelry and gift baskets, but on the final day (December 24th, Christmas Eve), I will be giving away a $500 gift certificate to spend with *ME* during 2007.  Every person who is signed up to receive automatic blog updates will be entered in a drawing for the $500 gift certificate.  So if you are not receiving updates, sign up!  If you signed up but still aren’t receiving updates, it is likely that you did not validate the subscription.  If that is the case, sign up again and be on the lookout (in your SPAM folder) for the validation email. 

Getting in the spirit


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