…are not always my clients’ favorites.  Invariably, clients don’t like my favorite image from their session.  And that is normal, I suppose, as we are sometimes looking for different things.  I’ve gotten used to it and it isn’t a crushing blow to my ego.  Art is subjective and photography is *my* art.  My art just happens to have other people’s kids in it.

This isn’t an image that most grandmas would want to hang on their wall.  In 4th grade, Miss H is beginning to morph into a child to whom her mother might not recognize, understand or even know at times.  But she is one of the sweetest and most brilliant girls I’ve yet to come across.  Her mom may not like this image, but I am quite certain that Miss H will love it.  And having a 10 year old girl love a picture of herself is so, so important.


These two boys were wild and crazy, as most boys are.  Actually, I should say that the 4 year old was wild and crazy.  His little brother was adoring and calm, and while you can’t really see little O’s face, you can feel his expression and you just know that he is looking at his big brother with admiration and laughter.

This session was incredible.  On a beautiful farm, with a family living out a dream.  It was such a joy seeing these kids having fun outdoors the good ole’ fashioned way.  I’m not sure how many dead animals we came across, ranging from freshly killed rabbits to freeze dried mice, but these kids took it all in stride (not to mention their parents!).  This image is…well…just fun.  I love the expression on his face, which is so characteristic for a 7 year old boy.  The sheep, the fence, his sister kicking her leg out in the air…it all adds up to a fun moment for me.

Now, this is one image that, without actually being with me on that morning, you cannot even imagine how hard I worked to get this shot.  I will say that he was not really interested in me, my camera or my agenda.  When that happens with children (which is more often than not), I try to just let them go, and I follow their lead.  The main goal of this session was to capture the family together, but towards the end of the session the two boys were climbing…joking…and laughing.  What boys do.  And this was a moment captured that made all of my sweat and expended energy very worthwhile.

Little Miss M is the cutest stinkin’ thing!  With an 8 year age difference between her and her twin siblings, she clearly gets a lot of attention.  And as I’ve mentioned before, it is all about the toddler!  In this image, her brother and sister are just in supporting roles, and having a grand ole’ time.  So while this may not be the perfect loving and adoring shot of this family’s three children, it speaks volumes about the dynamics in their family at this point in their lives. 

So there you have it, some of my recent favorites, which may or may not be loved by all.  But that is ok…there is always something for everyone.

My favorites…


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    I just stumbled across your blog, and what a great post, and so true! Thanks for sharing!

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