…new cameras must fall.  And lenses.

I’ve been lusting after this camera for quite some time now, and Canon finally made an offer I couldn’t refuse.  And to make matters worse, the offer became *really* impossible to refuse when I added a new lens to my arsenal.  I’m just giddy over my new toys!  I’m so excited about what this new camera will do for me, and the lens…well, it is mostly an outdoor lens and considering that there are snowflakes flying through the air a bit today, I may not get to use it to its full capacity for quite some time.  But…it is such a thing of beauty. 

Today is a ‘no school’ day, so I had my oldest daughter use my soon-to-be backup camera to photograph me with my new toys.  Forgive the harsh flash.  And the lens being cut off.  It was her first time…I’ll cut her some slack.

The big problem now…I now have two very expensive BACKUP cameras!  The quickly changing world of digital photography is a blessing…and a curse.  Anyone want to buy a gently used Canon 10D?


Into every photographer’s life…


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  1. olmatsui says:

    Wonderful children portraits and blog. Your work is inspriring. Just getting into photography and would love to know what kind of camera/lens combo you use to do your amazing work.

  2. Ryan Bell says:

    Love your images. Your post was a while back, but I like the picture above of you and your new camera. Which camera and lens is it? Like the post above wanted to know also.

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