When I process images for clients to view, I crop mostly everything to a 5×7.  Sometimes, this standard crop (or any standard crop like 4×6, 8×10, etc.) just won’t work.  What I will usually do is add a border around the image, and add white or black canvas space to make the overall image a 5×7.  The border adds visual interest and looks great framed, but another option when framing is to have a mat cut for the odd size and put that into a ready made standard sized frame.  For instance, if your image size is 6×11, you can have an 11×14 mat cut with a 6×11 opening.  This is a relatively inexpensive option and will give your final framed piece a unique and stylish look.

This recent newborn image required a longer crop than a standard 5×7, so I added a border and this is how it would appear framed in a 8×10 frame with a 5×7 mat:Img_9964_2

If you aren’t a fan of the border, the custom cut mat might work for you:


Just as an aside, I love this shot of this little guy, only 10 days old.  BIG yawn!


Standard crops don’t always work


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