Black and white photography is and always will be my passion.  I will admit that I have been a sucker for color shots lately, especially in this beautiful summer weather, but I will always be drawn to portraits in black and white.  They capture the expression, emotion and feeling that color portraits cannot always convey.  I adore these images in black and white – – her hair, her expressions – – they are so fitting for black and white .  True, she is beautiful in color as well, but there is just something about the black and whites that are the essence of what I love about photography.




I still adore B&W


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  1. Sara Anthony says:

    I love your conversion, very nice!

  2. Danielle Paetz says:

    Hi Heidi,
    I love your pictures! I just started to do my own digital scrap booking. How do you get that nice edge boarder around the picture? In the section on how to frame differently, one of your pictures looks like it has faded edges.

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